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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'Top 10 Tornado Cities'- 7 of 10 in Dixie Alley

7 out of 10 cities are in Dixie Alley, the new Tornado Alley. For the past few years, myself and others have noticed the shift east.

Here's the list from +The Weather Channel 

#1 - Huntsville, Al.
#2 - Jackson, Ms.
#3 - Birmingham, Al.
#4 - Tuscaloosa, Al.
#5 - Little Rock, Ar.
#6 - Tulsa, Ok.
#7 - Oklahoma City, Ok.
#8 - Atlanta, Ga.
#9 - Wichita, Kan.
#10 - Nashville, Tenn.

Read more here - http://www.weather.com/news/tornado-central/top-tornado-cities-2013-20130415

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rain Sleet and Snow coming to Alabama and Georgia

A chance for wintery weather in the deep south will be coming in Thursday night into Friday morning. Get your cameras ready haha.

Best area for accumulation will be in the norther areas of Alabama and Georgia. There is likely to be no accumulation except on elevated and grassy areas in the central areas of both states as surface temperatures will be to warm.

In areas it will begin as a rain sleet mix and may change to snow briefly. In others areas it may begin as a sleet snow mix and change to all snow. Best time of this, from west to east will be between 3 AM and 10 Am Friday morning.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Georgia and Alabama #Derecho Event March 18 2013

Widespread wind damage reports were reported across much of Georgia and Alabama on March 18 2013. There were also reports of Hail varying in size from small to upward of 3 inches.

While this storm system as far as I've seen has not been classified as a Derecho, it does qualify as one. A Derecho is classified as a long lived line of storms causing wind damage for more than 240 miles along most of it's length. Another requirement to meet Derecho qualification is wind speeds of or greater than 57 MPH at points along the path of the storm. I don't have data to back this up, but from following and reporting on many of the storms spawned by this system, I'd say this qualification was also met.

This system caused widespread wind damage from North Alabama where it began to take on the characteristics of a Derecho and lasting into Southeast Georgia. The distance covered is almost double the 240 mile requirement.

Here's a Radar loop of the event

Georgia / Alabama Derecho March 18-19 2013 photo DerechoMarch18-192013superslow.gif

Here's a couple maps showing wind damage and hail as well as a couple tornado reports.

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